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Sapiens Insurance Services

Delivering cost effective SAPIENS insurance product development, support, optimization & conversion services. Providing rapid & flexible access to scarce skills with a wealth of experience including eMerge Development Workbench and Modeler

Complementary on-site, off-site or combined service approach. Fully managed service with proven project management, software development and quality processes.

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Out of Hours

Our US clients take advantage of the skills and time difference in our UK development center. We can utilize off peak processor time to complete tasks, monitor and optimize overnight batch runs, be there for 1st line support.

IPS can offer the full range of Sapiens & eMerge skills for your project.

Sapiens eMerge Development

We are able to offer design and development of web applications with Sapiens eMerge as the rule based solution, implementations, upgrades and performance tuning.

In addition ObjectPool DB1 / DB2 consultants are available, DB2 DBAs and Sapiens COBOL CICS Developers to help support your project.