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HUON Insurance Service

Delivering cost effective HUON insurance system product development, support, optimization, conversion, ETL & servitization.

Providing rapid & flexible access to scarce skills with a wealth of experience. Complementary on-site, off-site or combined service approach. Fully managed service with proven project management, software development and quality processes.

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Our HUON Skills

We have a clear understanding of the HUON data workflow including:

Table relationships, General System Functionality, Policy, Claims, Client, Billing, AGENT, Imaging & HUON Transactions (batch & online), BMTs VALRULES & LITEXPANs.

HUON Development

We are able to complete high level HUON analysis and development to meet the full systems development life cycle.

We can receive non-technical specifications which we lead to coding, through to unit testing, implementation and post-delivery production support.

HUON Conversion

We have specialists with a proven record of successfully migrating products from legacy systems to the HUON Solution and integrating with both internal and external systems.

IPS can stabilize and improve your HUON products for a longer shelf life.

HUON Support

Highly efficient batch-cycle management and support, successfully executed within the tightest windows to enhance your production and support teams.

Our out of hours development, conversion and support will maximize your processing power, completed from our secure development centers.