Temporary Staff

Using Consultants or specialist workers can be a very cost effective solution for large special projects, lack of in-house expertise or temporary spikes in workloads.

Our professionals arrive, ready to assist you from day one, with established skills and credentials. They can be immediately productive. There is no need for you to invest in any additional training - we can find you the very best people for the specific role. Our search can be local, national or international according to your needs and preferences.

Manage Thorough Screening - Long Term Quality

Our exhaustive screening procedures (including technical and character interviewing, reference checks, background checks, and substance abuse screening) ensure only the best candidates are presented for your attention.

Many of them work for us on multiple assignments. In fact, some of our "temps" have been with us for over 10 years, bringing their expertise from one client to another.

Convert to Full-Time

You may employ personnel initially on a contract basis, with an option to hire full time after an agreed period of time.

When the transfer to full time employment takes place you will be entering a relationship where both you and your new employee know each other well and can continue being productive.

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