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Guidewire Insurance Services

The advantages of using Guidewire is for all to see, IPS are able to oversee, supply experienced Guidewire professionals or deliver on whole conversions to Guidewire.

Our current projects are in the USA and UK.

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Guidewire Insurancesuite

Helping corporations complete writing business with multiple insurance lines across state or international borders is where IPS specialize.

Utilizing our skills and experience with Gosu we can bring Guidewire to life, providing talented people to your projects, using a hiring model that is best for your situation. PolicyCenter, BillingCenter & ClaimCenter are all part of the support, development and installation areas we can offer.

Guidewire API

The Guidewire core of products are fabulous technologies. However, when it comes to APIs there are so many custom system connections that Guidewire can need help.

Let us complete this, using the latest secure software (Swagger, Hubspot) or coded straight from .net, these tasks will be completed by IPS professionals at your location or from one of our secure development facilities.