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E-Commerce Platforms

With a growing number of e-commerce sites being built in Drupal Commerce or Magento, IPS has made it a focus to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Our developers have worked with clients operating in many different industries. This has given them cross-functional knowledge that’s ready to be implemented in your future projects.


If you’re using Magento for your e-commerce sites, then we have you covered. Whether you’ve created a store that can be used in various languages, can cater to vast loyalty schemes or must be adaptable to abide by local tax laws, Magento is agile for this.

Magento developers operate in a niche environment but we have experts on call who specialize in PHP development and have worked with Magento since 2009.


Drupal supports many websites and has a dedicated pool of programmers, being open source. More recently, Drupal Commerce has given it e-commerce functionality, allowing users the ability to display products, accept orders and track inventory.

Reliable Drupal developers are harder to find, that’s why our resources are spread across a number of countries, enabling them to support small and large scale projects.