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Our client base has a wide variety of IT, Engineering and Professional Services requirements. We have become specialists in delivering resources in multiple locations and business sectors.

We offer the ability to customize unique solutions for each client across a range of disciplines, technologies, locations and hiring type.


IPS can offer resources to give your Billing, Policy & Claims systems the speed and accuracy your business deserves. We have consultants on our staff that can work in your mainframe environment offering COBOL, CICS, DB2 skills together with experience of the platform or specialist environment you have. This is in addition to front end consultants to marry your back end infostructure with the web for customers and agents.


IPS work with major names in the field as well as several small startups. Clients include top names in the fields of Life Sciences, Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical. Recent positions filled include CRAs, Clinical Data Managers, Biostatisticians, Medical Technical Writers, Quality Engineers and IQA Specialists, IT/Software Engineers, Manufacturing & Mechanical, Engineers, Project Managers, Data Analysts.


IPS provides IT services to the banking and financial sectors through in-house projects from our development center, on-site consultants or full time recruitment campaigns.

Healthcare IT

IPS has a significant track record supporting hospitals and healthcare organizations with implementation and support of their Electronic Medical Records Systems projects.