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Systems Development

Working with agreed methodologies and standards we plan, develop and implement all types of systems. We have Project Managers, Business Analysts and Designers on our staff who have proven skills in getting entire projects through to completion within agreed timescales and budgets.

We offer total flexibility working in your facility, our US based offices or our UK based Development Center.

For further information contact one of our Project Advisers

The IPS Approach

Our Software Development Process is a proven, robust process for assuring software delivery using a repeatable, well defined, model-driven approach.

Designed to maximize benefit to your business. It provides full life cycle traceability, from initial analysis and scoping through to design, code and testing.


Our progressive methodology allows for flexibility in requirement gathering, allowing the evolution of critical artifacts over time in an iterative manner.

This approach is usable in any kind of system scenario and our processes provide the right combination of agility and sound engineering practices.